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Jeff Crosby is an organizational leader who has spent four decades working in the world of words and ideas through roles in bookselling, publishing, and now as president and CEO of a trade association of publishers. He served as the executive director of The Association of Logos Bookstores, a vice president at Ingram Book Company, and for many years in executive positions at IVP, a publisher in the Chicago area. 


His previous written work has appeared in numerous publications including CRUX, Conversations Journal, Living Lutheran Magazine, and Books & Culture (online). He is the editor and compiler of Days  of Grace Through the Year, a collection of meditations curated from the work of the ethicist and popular writer Lewis B. Smedes.

Crosby earned an undergraduate degree in journalism and a master's degree in leadership development, where his area of special emphasis was creating mentoring cultures in organizations.  He has been married to Cindy Crosby, a writer, educator, and naturalist, for more than 40 years, and has two grown children and six grandchildren. 


The Language of the Soul
Now available in hardcover, $26.99

Captivated by an untranslatable Portuguese word and its application to contemporary lives, a life-long lover of words and follower of Christ explores the ways in which God meets us in our deepest longings of the heart – our longing for home, friendship, forgiveness, spiritual transformation, and more – not by satisfying our every desire but by granting us what we genuinely need.

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